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Demi Lovato discography + tracklistings; {insp.}

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When you know what you want in life, all that matters is that you go after it with conviction and courage. You don’t have to know every, little step in order to achieve your dream.

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Meet and greet in Orlando, FL (09/15). More pictures on our gallery.

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Demi Lovato performing at the American Airlines in Miami Beach, Fl 09/14/14. 

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Demi trying to fix a broken mic.

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I want kick-box while eating a big fat cheeseburger covered in chocolate and cry while I watch the notebook all at the same time. Anybody?

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Good deeds are contagious, but for some reason, people sometimes need permission. Some people may feel afraid to step out of their comfort zones and do something they would feel uncomfortable doing. It’s important to set a good example for those around you because other people will follow suit. Lead and inspire others with good deeds.”

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